Viscri & Sighisoara Tour – starting from Brasov

9 Hours


Step back in time as you explore the enchanting village of Viscri and Sighisoara on this full-day tour. Discover the charming streets, colorful houses, and the fortified church of Viscri, a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its traditional Saxon architecture. Then, continue to Sighisoara, the best-preserved and most charming medieval citadel in Europe, where you’ll stroll through the cobbled streets of the beautifully preserved Old Town and visit the impressive Clock Tower Museum. With comfortable transportation and expert local guidance, this tour is the perfect way to experience the history and beauty of Transylvania.


  • Viscri village and fortified church - UNESCO
  • Sighisoara medieval town - UNESCO
  • Clock Tower
  • Church on the Hill


9:00 AM - Departure from Brasov. Your day tour begins with a scenic drive to Viscri, a charming village known for its well-preserved fortified church. You'll have the opportunity to explore the village and learn about the history of the church, which dates back to the 12th century.

11:00 AM - Visit to Viscri Fortified Church Upon arrival, you'll take a guided tour of the Viscri Fortified Church, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The church is famous for its beautiful frescoes and intricate craftsmanship, and you'll have the opportunity to admire its stunning architecture and learn about its rich history.

12:30 PM - Lunch Break. After the tour, you'll enjoy a delicious traditional Romanian lunch in a local restaurant or we’ll head to Sighisoara and have lunch there, we decide this together.

2:00 PM - Arrival in Sighisoara. Next, you'll travel to the enchanting medieval town of Sighisoara, where you'll visit the Clock Tower and the Church from the Hill. The Clock Tower is one of the town's most iconic landmarks and offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. The Church from the Hill is a beautiful Gothic-style church located on a hill overlooking the town, and is also known for its stunning frescoes.

4:00 PM - After the guided tour, we'll have some time to explore Sighisoara. You can wander through the town's winding cobblestone streets, admire the colorful architecture, and perhaps even try some local specialties.

6:00 PM - Return to Brasov. Your day tour comes to an end as we return to Brasov, with unforgettable memories of the stunning landscapes, fascinating history, and warm hospitality of Romania.

1 person - 170€ ┇ 2 – 3 persons – 85 € / Pax; ┇ 4 – 7 persons – 75 € / Pax


  • transport with a private comfortable car / van;
  • guiding services in English at each sight.


  • entrance fees;
  • lunch costs.
From €85
/ Adult
  • Brasov
  • friendly english speaking guide
  • private car / van
  • > 3 persons

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