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Bran Castle was built as a customs point on the most traveled merchant road linking Transylvania to Wallachia. It stands on a 60 m high cliff overlooking a narrow mountain crossing. It was buit between 1378 – 1382 in a Gothic architectural style. Due to it’s placement and similarities to the description in Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”, Bran Castle becomes the legendary Castle of count Dracula. The name of the famous vampire, Dracula, is associated to the historical figure of  Vlad the Impaler the bloody despot of 15th century Wallachia, who is surrounded by many other legends and stories. 

   On 1st of December 1920, Bran Castle, was gifted to Queen Marie of Romania by the Saxon mayor of Brasov. Seven year later it became a royal residence as a direct consequence of it being the the favorite retreat of the Queen. The castle was inherited by her daughter Princess Ileana and it was later seized by the communist regime. 

   Today Bran Castle is a “the Rockstar” of the Romanian tourism being the most visited sight in Transilvania.


The Donation Diploma signed by king Andrew II of Hungary and then approved by Pope Innocent III, one of the most influential and powerful pope in the middle ages, with his Papal Bull in 1211, gives the the strategic S-E region of Transylvania, called Burzenland (Tara Bârsei), to the Teutonic Knights Order, in return for defending the southeastern border of the Hungarian Kingdom against foreign invaders.

The Teutonic Knights plan of defence was building five Strongholds (quinque castra fortia), including Rasnov Fortress build in 1211 as awood-and-earth fort. Rasnov Citadel was built as a strategic fort and was able to offer refuge, for short intervals, to the population of Rasnov and two other nearby villages in case of an invasion. From the beginning of 16th century to the end of 17th century, the Saxon population from Rasnov permanently inhabited the citadel which gave Rasnov Fortress the look of a medieval fortified Saxon village.

Nowadays Rasnov Citadel is one of the most visited places in Romania gathering tourists from all over the World.

Prejmer village is situated in the Burzenland (Tara Bârsei) in a flat marshy area at approx. 18 km from Brasov. Primary colonization settlement, documented in 1213, Prejmer founded, by tradition, by the Order of the Teutonic Knights. Following the chase of the Knights from Burzenland in 1225 by the Hungarian King Andrew II, the town passed under the patronage of the Cistercian monks of Cârţa (Kerz).

The center of gravity of the settlements is the market, with the most important construction, the Evangelical Church. Surrounded by a powerful oval-shaped defensive wall with five cracked towers, doubled by a defense wall and moat.  The enclosure includes commission rooms, parochial house, school, wells and a cemetery. Prejmer became the strongest stronghold in the southeastern rural environment of Europe.

Nowadays is a UNESCO World Heritage monument, Prejmer Fortified Church has the oldest triptych altar in Transylvania, dating from 1450. This fortified church was never conquered by the enemies, today it has the gates wide open for tourists and I would be glad to show you this well-preserved fortified church.

The beginnings of Hărman are likely to be found between 1211 and 1225, as the Teutonic Order expanded the Burzenland as their own territory,  many German colonists came to the newly established sites. The first official mention was in 1240, the Church has a particular appearance of a 13th century Romanesque triple-nave basilica, and a massive 9 floors bell tower, being the highest in Burezenland.  As early as the 13th century, the church was surrounded by an oval wall, which was bilaterally connected at the east to a chapel building. Only in the mid-15th century as a result of frequent Ottoman attacks, the complex was expanded into a fortified church. Therefore, the already existing churchyard wall was strengthened and remodeled into the 10-to 12-meter high main circular wall with a roofed guards walkway with embrasures and machicolations.

  The Chapel Tower is just behind the church, built as a a separate chapel in 1300 it is integrated into the defence wall. Because the existing circular wall was strengthened during the course of 15th century, the chapel was also expanded into a fortified tower.

what to expect

What you’ll get from this tour: tour guide in English, transport, and skip the line.

Pick-up & Drop off @ your hotel / location in BRASOV.  

 The first stop is Peles Castle in Sinaia, then Bran Castle, have lunch, and afterward visit Rasnov Fortress.

Lunch at a local restaurant where you can get a Romanian cuisine experience.

Recomended restaurant:  La Promenada Restaurant 

NOT included: entrance fees, lunch costs.



1 person  – 110 €

2 – 4 persons – 65 €

5 – 7 persons – 60 €

Tour Duration


~ 9 hours – from pick up to drop off 

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private tours only!

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Mircea R
Mircea R
Guided discovery of our country We are a family of four, with both our kids in primary school. Although we are born and live here, in Romania, and we visited the Brașov region before, we needed someone to tell us “the story” of the places and people and to guide us in discovering the beauty of our country. So, we decided to book a 3-day guided tour with Adrian around Brașov and its surroundings.Adrian is a very open and pleasant person and has a comprehensive knowledge of the places and people that are relevant to the Romanian history. I must admit that learning the history by seeing first-hand the places and hearing the stories from someone who knows how to tell them is a very rewarding experience, far from the lessons you are taught in school or from reading a book.It was also nice for our kids to blend the history “lessons” with a lot of fun at the Dino Park in Râșnov, and at the Bear Sanctuary in Zărnești.Adrian was not just our guide; he became our friend! We had a wonderful time and we’ll surely come back for more!
Lian E
Lian E
Weekend Tour at Bran /Rasnov Thanks for a history- filled and fun weekend tour! Adrian is definitely a very knowledgeable tour guide. He knows the place by heart and he won't disappoint!
Tamara E
Tamara E
Terrific Blend of Historical Perspective and Local Knowledge Adrian's enthusiasm for Romania's history and culture is infectious. Due to my own scheduling error, our plans for a two-day tour were compressed into 13 hours of almost non-stop, fact-filled, entertaining story-telling, bringing me from 200 BC to the current day. Adrian's local knowledge regarding the historical sites allowed him to share special insights throughout each visit. Knowing I had a strong interest in history, he went into significant detail and answered my numerous questions well. I had a wonderful time and recommend Adrian highly.
Romania trip I booked a 2 day tour with Adrian and it didn’t disappoint! His knowledge of the local area and history was fantastic. We recommend booking with wise Transylvania tours it was excellent start to finish
Fantastic You will not be disappointed with the service provided by Adrian. I'm so pleased that we were able to take this my husbands last trip = he passed in September.Thank you Adrian for all the steps.Ellie Muellen
Louise F
Louise F
Be wise and book a tour with Adrian My mother and I did the 3 day Transylvania Break tour with Adrian. From start to finish, we had a wonderful time. Adrian was very easy to correspond with beforehand and he happily changed the order of some things in the tour to make it more suited to our agenda - he’s very flexible about doing this, so just ask. He also answered any questions I had about Transylvania which made it easier to plan our holiday. On day 1, Adrian collected us from our hotel in Bucharest and drove us from the city to Sinaia where we saw Peleș Castle. I was immediately glad we decided to go with Adrian and not rent a car and see the castle ourselves because 1. the traffic was bad in Bucharest and there was fog along the motorway, and 2. the in-depth tour of Peleș was far superior to a group tour. Adrian really knows his stuff. We also saw Brân Castle and Râşnov Fortress, and had similar in-depth tours of both. We had dinner at his father’s restaurant in Râşnov which was some of the best food we had during our trip. We stayed in his mother’s guest house which was cosy and clean. His mother was extremely welcoming. Day 2, we went to the Libearty Bear Sanctuary which was my favourite part of the entire holiday...what a special place. We joined a guided tour of the sanctuary and saw a number of brown bears. We also saw Prejmer fortified church and Braşov which were both excellent. Adrian kindly drove us to the ski resort above Braşov to show us how it is. Lovely views and nature there.Day 3, and our final day - Adrian knew we were interested in seeing Viscri village (where Prince Charles has a house) so he added an additional stop to the tour and took us here. Viscri was like going back in time and well worth it. Next was Sighisoara which exceeded expectations...it was so pretty. We also visited Biertan fortified church...it’s crazy how old some of the items in this church are. Our final stop was Sibiu where Adrian dropped us to our hotel. It was an incredible three days and we were sad to say good bye.So to summarise, go with Adrian because:1. He has a huge wealth of knowledge about the area and a genuine passion for what he does. There’s no way we could have gained this much information by ourselves.2. He’s a safe driver with a comfortable car. And he’s got good music taste which helps the journey!3. His mother is a lovely woman and very welcoming. Staying at her guesthouse is a joy (her omelettes at breakfast were outstanding!).4. He’s great company and a very lovely and genuine guy. After he dropped us off in Sibiu, my mother and I felt a bit sad because we missed him! He is a great ambassador for Transylvania.Thank you Adrian...we had great craic with you! Hopefully see you again...maybe for some snowboarding next time 😉
The best start of holiday 🙂 We did a three day tour with Adrian that included a lot of great places of Transyvania and every day was full of positive and kind atmosphere. When you get to know a new place in the company of a enthusiastic person, it's very easy to fall in love with the beauty of nature or architecture that surround you. And Adrian is so kind of person who inspires to move and look around. I've learned many interesting facts about places we visited and Romania in whole. Most of all it was like a trip with old friend.And pancakes! Pancakes nearby Bran Castle was marvelous! :))I'm very happy that I chose this tour and I give a 5 star to it.
Maddy S
Maddy S
Adrian is THE guide. Adrian was truly a dream guide for our 8 person group. He was so patient, personal and all around wonderful with us. We loved his knowledge of the history of the places we visited which enhanced our experience so much more. We had several days in Transylvania and were so glad to stay at his parents' bed and breakfast in Râșnov, near Brașov. This was a central location and we could do day trips from there. We packed a lot into our days with him and he customized the tour based on our wishes and of course, recommended other places and restaurants we didn't know about. Our trip was made much better by Adrian and his family and for that we are extremely grateful. I fully recommend his services. Romania has a lot of beautiful places and Adrian is the one to show them to you. I'm originally from Romania and I know from experience that his experience and services are above all the rest.
What a day !! We had booked a visit to Bran Castle and a brandy brewery nearby. We also was lucky enough to have lunch together at the La Promenada restaurant i Rasnov. Also a first class experience. A separate review for that. Because my sister is sick there was some challenges to make the trip but Adrian was so helpfull and attentive that the tour went so much easier than we had expected. His knowledge of Romanian history is amazing. We learned so much and it was never boring. Lot of fun facts together with the more serieous history. I cannot recommend Adrian and his tours enough and really hope I can go back to Transylvania and Romania some day. There is so much more to se and of course we will book a tour with Adrian and his company 🙂 I would not hesitate to recommend his tours to anyone going to Transylvania
Day tour "Bran Castle - Rasnov Fortress - Bear Sanctuary" for Wednesday July 17 The tour was indeed very nice and worth every cent. We (2 female travellers) were picked up at 9 a.m. at our hotel. No other travellers joined our tour. The car was comfortable and had air conditioning. During the drive our tour guide Adrian explained the history of the region. First we visited the bear sanctuary for formerly mistreated bears (my personal highlight!). Contary to what we expected Adrian entered all 3 sights with us and gave as private tours of both the castle and the fortress. Although there was a tour organised by the bear sanctuary, Adriam joined us for this tour and complemented it with valuable information and anecdotes. His knowledge of the region and its history is truely impressive. He also answered all our questions competently and with a sense of humor. The feel of the trip was almost like travelling with a very knowlegable friend who is eager to show what his region has to offer with pride and joy. The trip ended around 4 p.m. in front of our hotel.

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